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We’re looking forward to welcoming you!

If you are interested in your child joining the school/college/academy, please contact us to discuss what we have to offer and to arrange a visit if you can.

Email or ring 01404 42283
Once you decide you would like a place you must make a formal application.

A fresh application must be made for children who not moving on from our Year 6 to Year 7 / Year 11 to Post-16 education in Year 12 here.

How do I Apply to Honiton Community College

Most children join our school/college/academy at the normal round, the main intake into school from the start of September in Reception / Year 3 / Year 7 / Year 10. As a parent, you can apply for a place to the Local Authority.

Do come and talk with us if you are interested in a place in a different year group for any reason. Applications for residents of Devon are made between 1 September and 31 October for secondary schools via the Devon County Council website

If your child lives in another LA, including Cornwall, Dorset, Plymouth, Somerset, and Torbay you should apply through that council. The closing dates are the same nationally.

For questions about your child  joining the school or just about the admissions process in general, please don’t hesitate to contact the school direct or contact Devon School Admissions Service on 0345 155 1019 or by email to  


What if the academic year has already started?

If you are interested in your child joining the school/college/academy in-year (once the academic year has started), you can apply for a place via the Devon County Council website.

Applications for transfer into Years 12 and 13 are made direct to our Post 16, either by a parent or the young person themselves.
Our application form is below.

We have a closing date for the main intake into Year 12, although applications can still be made afterwards. There is further information on our Post-16 page.

There is a right of appeal and to a place on a waiting list for places where an application is refused.


Admission Arrangements

Devon County Council is the admissions authority for our school. It has responsibility for the admissions policies and decisions on applications for admission. We have an admissions policy for each academic year and they will be published on this page when they are proposed for consultation and after they have been determined annually. They are written to comply with the School Admissions Code 2021 and School Admissions Appeals Code 2022.

The Local Authority

We take part in the co-ordinated admissions schemes of Devon County Council. Devon County Council publishes information about admissions and its own policies to support the admissions application and appeals process. This is at

Applications can be made online at or by using the forms available at
The appeals process is detailed on the Devon County Council website.

Our Admissions Policies

You can find our admissions policies below – we review the school policy annually and may make changes if we feel this would be in the best interests of the school and our community.
Each academic year has its own policy document, with details about how to apply for a place in school from the start of Year 7 through to Year 13.

Admissions policy for 2025-26: Annual Consultation

Along with all our schools and academies in Devon, we are consulting on an admission policy for 2025-26. The Local Authority is also consulting on its admission arrangements. You are invited to look at the proposals which are based on policies for this year and next year and have your say.

Our proposed policy is available below and you can see all the policies here.

Further information is available here.

School admissions policy 2023-24
School admissions policy 2024-25
School admissions policy 2025-26
School admissions policy Post-16 2023
School sixth form admissions policy 2024
School sixth form admissions policy 2025

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