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The college executive team is committed to improving school facilities

The College Executive Team (CET) is an elected body of student representative whose activities include organising fundraisers, identifying important issues about the College, and providing a voice for students.

Here you will find a list of the current representatives, and updates about their fundraisers and work in the College. If you have a hot issue for CET to discuss, please contact your CET representative and they will add it to the agenda for their next CET meeting. If you would like to get involved with CET please email

What We Do

As CET, we are here to help you with any concerns you may have about the school, acting as a voice for you and your opinions. We also create opportunities for you to make your school experience as memorable as possible. We also get involved with interviewing prospective candidates for staff vacancies. Our most prominent role is to organise fundraisers for various local charities and the College community.

From Our Chair

Even with the restrictions of COVID-19 imposed on us, we were still able to pull off an exceptional fundraiser, with fun being had whether you are being dunked or doing the dunking (or both in my case!). We were able to get the students involved through voting for one CET member per year group to complete the challenge and send out an edited video to show during tutor time(full credit to the P&C Officers and their deputy.) It was all so much fun to do, as I had never done an Ice Bucket Challenge when it circulated a few years ago. It was a good experience, even though I knew the reason I had to partake was because 160 or so votes were in my favour!

I am immensely proud of how far CET has come in the past few years, especially with coronavirus being imposed upon us. Having been on the team since year I joined in seven, I have joined in numerous events not only helping to organise and promote them but also being part of the fun, such as being drenched in ice cold water on the playground. It is all worthwhile as we raise large amounts for charity.

Being Chair of CET is definitely one of the hardest things I have done. Taking on the responsibility of coordinating a team of people to work together, as well as being a friend they can chat to in the corridors. However, being able to see the results of all the hard work that has been put into organising a fundraiser is greatly rewarding.


A Word from Our Members

Working with CET to help improve the college is challenging yet very rewarding work. See what our year group representatives have to say about it all.

I really enjoy the ability to speak out about certain issues on CET, and being able to help the school become a better place, as well as having a blast organising some amazing fundraisers and raising money for worthy causes! If anyone is interested in getting involved with CET, it is definitely worth it! Well, only if you are up for things like the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’! Abby Norris

In CET we organise fundraisers for charities and school equipment, we meet and discuss student opinions and we help with school events (such as open evenings and parents evening). I joined in year 9 and really enjoy being part of this team; it has given me some great opportunities! Poppy Cregan

CET has really provided me with an outlet to express my ideas and thoughts related to different aspects of the school. I really enjoy helping with fundraisers and events including recently representing HCC at a commemorative service for Remembrance Day. I also really enjoy helping with the organisation, production and promotion of school fundraisers, such as our profitable CET bath bonanza. I hope to continue to have a fulfilling and stimulating role in CET for the remainder of my time in this school. Tom Newman

I have been on CET for just over a year now and I have learnt so much and I have had more opportunities. I really enjoy taking part in fundraisers and helping to improve the school for students. My favourite time on CET was doing the Ice Bath challenge. It was really fun to do and we raised a lot of money for a mental health charity. Emily Summers

I really enjoy being on CET and being a part of a team. I especially like taking part in fundraisers as I get to use my creative skills to come up with creative ways of raising money. CET also gives me an opportunity to speak out about things that matter to me Sophia Rose

In the short time I have been on CET it has already been a huge eye opener on how much work is put in to help the school. I joined CET to be a student voice and to help the school and I have been able to say that I have already done those things. With the fundraiser coming up I have seen how much time CET members have put in to it to make it enjoyable for the teachers and students while also raising as much money as possible to give to children in need. I look forward to continuing in my CET role for the years to come. Luke O’Toole


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