Match Reports and Sports Day Records

Success for all


If Something Stands Between You and Your Success, Move It!

-Dwayne Johnson

Below you will find our match reports and sports day wall of fame. With some result having yet to be beaten from 2011. Who will be our next student to appear on the wall of fame!

Honiton Community College Match Reports

Match Reports

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Honiton Community College Sports Day Records

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Year 7 Boys

EventDistance/TimeRecord HolderTutor GroupYear Achieved
100m12.28secHarry SmithKKN2017
200m29.88secJames GoodmanKKN2017
800m2min 44secRowan Westall/River LeiskJMR/MDA2013/2016
Long Jump4m 09cmReece WeareJHI2016
High Jump1m 40cm Sam FosterSJA2016
Shot Putt8m 76cmCharlie WrightDCL2011
Javelin22m 90cmJonny GloverKKN2017

Year 7 Girls

EventDistance/TimeRecord HolderTutor GroupYear Achieved
100m15.17secGamze AkbulutSMA2018
200m32.60secRobyn PollingtonMDA2016
800m2min 54.5secMorgan DavyMOK2011
Long Jump3m 53cmMaicey BennettNFR2019
High Jump1m 30cm Kaylee FreemanWCO2013
Shot Putt6m 96cmAleksandra MorawskaBGU2012
Javelin19m 59cmZara MaynardKKN2017

Year 8 Boys

EventDistance/TimeRecord HolderTutor GroupYear Achieved
100m12.76secMathew ThompsonCMC2019
200m27.03secJake JohnsonSMA2019
800m2min 23secJake JohnsonSMA2019
Long Jump4m 45cmLucas JagoSMR2021
High Jump1m 49cm Kyle NewhamKTA2013
Shot Putt9m 13cmFinley KeywoodABR2016
Javelin28m 16cmJoe WilshireBGU2013

Year 8 Girls

EventDistance/TimeRecord HolderTutor GroupYear Achieved
100m14.46secGamze AkbulutSMA2019
200m31.2secLauren DaveyDKU2012
800m2min 53secBecky TavinerJKI2019
Long Jump3m 80cmMorgan Davy/Zara MaynardMOK/KKN2012/2018
High Jump1m 34cm Eleanor DuckerABA2016
Shot Putt7m 53cmEmily KellowSJA2017
Javelin19m 38cmSophie PhillipsKKN2018

Year 9 Boys

EventDistance/TimeRecord HolderTutor GroupYear Achieved
100m12.71secOscar WalshKLA2015
200m25.9secRhys PhillipsRPA2016
800m2min 23secAshley MitchellRCO2015
Long Jump4m 66cmDan HoleSMA2012
Triple Jump10m 45cmBen Crutchley-DaviesRPA2016
High Jump1m 55cm Jake SellickDKU2013
Shot Putt10m 46cmWesley KeywoodRST2011
Javelin32m 10cmBenjie CramerJHL2012

Year 9 Girls

EventDistance/TimeRecord HolderTutor GroupYear Achieved
100m14.55secCharlotte HoldsworthKMR2015
200m31.27secNicole DownACO2019
800m2min 57secSaskia SpillerIST2018
Long Jump4m 05cmFreya GaryBWO2021
Triple Jump7m 73cmFiona LaramyRST2011
High Jump1m 36cm Eleanor DuckerABA2017
Shot Putt7m 73cmHolly HenwoodMDA2018
Javelin18m 38cmZara MaynardKKN2019

Year 10 Boys

EventDistance/TimeRecord HolderTutor GroupYear Achieved
100m11.65secOscar WalshKLA2016
200m24.26secLuke BralsfordRCO2016
800m2min 14secAshley MitchellRCO2016
Long Jump5m 38cmOscar WalshKLA2016
Triple Jump10m 91cmBen KidsonGKI2012
High Jump1m 61cm Ben Cruthley-DaviesRBA2017
Shot Putt10m 48cmDean PatchBWO2012
Javelin37m 61cmSam OliveJMR2016

Year 10 Girls

EventDistance/TimeRecord HolderTutor GroupYear Achieved
100m13.72secCharlotte HoldsworthSMA2016
200m30.96secChloe HowardRCO2016
800m2min 35secSaskia SpillerMDA2019
Long Jump4m 10cmGamze AkbulutSMA2021
Triple Jump7m 15cmMakindi TrimDCL2014
High Jump1m 40cm Auriel McShawRST2012
Shot Putt8m 29cmFabia ClokeRCO2016
Javelin24m 90cmJodie AbbottSMA2016

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