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​Varied, stimulating, challenging and purposeful

Whilst in Post-16, we will nurture your intrinsic sense of motivation and encourage you to have the highest aspirations of both yourself and your peers. Staff will facilitate your learning in a manner that seeks to actively engage and stimulate you. You will work with us, in partnership, to maximise your potential.

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Honiton Community College Post-16 Course Guide

Transition to Post-16

We value our Post-16 students very highly and place great value on the contribution that each individual student makes to the school community as a whole. The College believes that it is the good working relationship between parents, carers, students and staff that will help guide student’s development to realise full potential; academically, socially and emotionally. We aim to develop independent, ambitious and successful individuals who set themselves high expectations and achieve or exceed their potential.

We know for many students that the gap between finishing their GCSEs and starting Post-16 qualifications requires a huge step in their skills, knowledge and time management. We closely monitor progress and we personalise the support that is needed in order to achieve the individual’s full potential. This is done through target setting, regular contact meetings with tutors and communicating with parents/carers.

On application to Post-16 we will provide each student with relevant information regarding subject choices and career links so they are equipped with the knowledge of their next step. We will meet with them individually to discuss their future pathway and offer further guidance that is required. Students will be invited to attend a transition to Post-16 Programme after the completion of GCSEs in the summer term where students can fully immerse themselves into their new subjects and the Post-16 Community to prepare them for the September start. Support in the skills required to become a successful Post-16 students is given from the moment of application and throughout their journey with us.


16-19 Study Programme

All students on the 16 – 19 Study Programmes at Honiton Community will have a core academic aim that is tailored to the needs of the individual student including substantial qualifications at Level 3. The Study Programme also includes Work Placement in Year 12 and a Personal Development Programme (PDS) that includes personal and social development, a 16 – 19 careers programme and preparation for life.

Preparing our Post-16 students for life after College

We also have a clear focus on preparing students for life after Post-16. Whether they choose university, apprenticeships or employment, our students are given careers guidance and advice that prepares them to make a valued choice in their future career. As a team we focus on the following characteristics:


Raise awareness about the impact a quality or characteristic can have on potential success


Encourage personal reflection of the presence or absence of particular qualities in the student


Engage the student in a task that develops their practice


Create a non judgemental environment / culture in which students can critically assess themselves and then support then in making improvements

The Post-16 Centre

We are proud to have a dedicated area for our students to work independently and form a unique learning and social environment. The area is theirs to take ownership and care of including the equipped kitchen area for light snacks to be prepared. IT facilities for the Post-16 students are provided in the centre.

The centre is staffed between 8am and 4pm – Monday to Friday. It’s open for the students to use as a study area from 7am – 6.30pm on most weekdays

Transport information is available on the Devon County Council website.

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Personal Tutors at Honiton Community College

The tutor plays one of the most pivotal roles in student progress and achievement, and is often the first point of reference for parents or carers. They will have oversight of each tutee’s daily attendance at lessons and all aspects of their timetable including enrichment activities. They are also responsible for monitoring each tutee’s progress and well-being through communication with the Head of Post-16, subject staff, parents and the students themselves.

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Role of the Post-16 Personal Tutor

All Post-16 students will have a Personal Tutor to help support both their academic and pastoral wellbeing. The Post-16 tutor has a number of responsibilities some of which are outlined below.


To enforce and monitor the Post-16 Contract


Monitor student attendance, at registration and lessons


Conduct contact meetings in a purposeful and respectful atmosphere


To build a group identity and team spirit within the tutor group


To liaise with students, staff, parents/carers as necessary and refer for additional support


To prepare students to make successful applications for University, Apprenticeship and employment and write UCAS and employer references.

16 – 19 Financial Bursary

The 16 – 19 Bursary Fund is given to the College by the government to pass on to those students who need financial help in order to stay in education. The bursary can be used to help with the cost of transport, paying for books, essential trips and other expenses associated with their study Programme. There are a range of criteria for eligibility and each application is assessed individually through the completion of the application form and by providing the necessary evidence. The amount awarded will vary in each case, but it could be as much as £1,200.

If you receive free school meals, or if you or your family are in receipt of any benefits then you may be eligible and should consider applying. Please see the application form for the full list of criteria and more details on how to apply.



We believe in developing the whole individual. It is vital for young people to develop skills and talents in today’s  competitive environment and we encourage them to do that. We also want them to enjoy their time with us and  there is a wealth of enrichment opportunities for students to explore and get involved in.

Professional Development & Skills

Each year group will have two hours per week on their timetable that they will be required to
attend. The aim of these sessions is to introduce life skills and information that may affect them. Road safety, the safe use of social media, progression to University or apprenticeships, charity awareness, sexual health updates, character education building, working abroad as a volunteer and managing personal finances are all topics that are covered in an informative but relaxed atmosphere. Various guest speakers join us in these sessions and suggestions are
taken from the students themselves for relevant topics they wish to learn more about.


Sessions are timetabled for Sport for all students. This is optional but good for the students to get involved It is not a PE lesson but an opportunity for social sport or play some competitive games against the rest of the Post-16 students

The range of activities include traditional sports including football, tennis, rounders as well as yoga, Zumba, trampoline and table tennis. This is a great opportunity for relaxation, break from coursework and to embrace ‘Post-16 life.


As part of any Post-16’s Study Programme , a number of volunteering hours are required to be completed.  Many students spend their spare time volunteering with local or national charities that can add great value to their career opportunities when they leave sixth form but also gives them many life skills when working with a range of people and situations.

Volunteering can be arranged both in College mentoring lower College students, local charities and organisations or we have a successful link with the National Citizens Service that we invite into Post-16 to
talk about opportunities available to them.

Duke of Edinburgh (DofE)

Many students chose to continue or start their DofE awards in their time at Post-16 which is something that we actively encourage both for their personal and character development but also for enhancement of their CV’s and University application where it is highly regarded as a key achievement.

Trips and Visits

Relevant and purposeful visits are arranged throughout the year for both year groups to give a wide range of information in life skills and future career plans. This includes a Learn to Live seminar at Exeter University, UCAS and Apprenticeship events and specific workshops on generic learning skills at our local colleges. Letters notifying you of events will be sent via our Sims IN TOUCH system or paper copies can be generated.

Post-16 Student Union 

The Student Union are elected members of Year 12 and 13 that are the representative body of the Post-16 students. They meet regularly and as well as discussing and proposing changes for their experience at Post-16, they plan and deliver many fund raising events for local and national charities as well as organising social events.

Life After Post 16


All university applications take place through UCAS (University and Colleges Admissions Service). Preparation for university application begins in Year 12. Students are entitled to attend open days during school time and all students are taken to some South West Universities as part of our Careers Plan. addition, tutorial activities are run to support the consideration of their courses and completion of the personal statement. Parent/carers will be invited to our Post 18 information evening, which outlines the UCAS application process and student finance. Students will be encouraged to carry out wider reading or gain required work experience throughout the summer holidays to enhance their application to their chosen universities. All students will be asked to assess their aspirations and where they stand in meeting the entry requirements. In light of this, tutors will assist students in setting realistic, attainable targets to help them to make successful applications.

Students capable of successful application to Oxbridge are given additional support with their applications and are invited to attend open days at both universities. Those students in receipt of bursaries and are first generation from their family to attend university are also eligible to apply to Sutton Trust Summer Schools. Students wishing to study medicine /dentistry /veterinary science are also given additional support with their applications. There is help and guidance on the UCAS site to assist students in the all important task of choosing the right courses for them.



University is not the most suitable or desired progression route for some students with many Apprenticeships now becoming available at a higher level of study. We aim to ensure that students who choose alternatives to Higher Education in a University setting receive adequate guidance and support. All students are able to access guidance from their tutor, Director of Post 16 and our Careers Advisor with appointments being made by the Post 16 office.

In addition, all students and parents are invited to attend the Post 18 Information evening, where representatives from Careers South West, Universities and Apprenticeships Schemes will be on hand to give information and advice.


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