Joining Our College

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We’re looking forward to welcoming you!

Joining a new college is a very exciting step in your life and will provide you with numerous opportunities.

We know you will have many questions and we hope our website will answer many of them, but you can also contact us at any time.  

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Honiton Community College Uniform

Our students are proud to represent Honiton Community College, and wearing a uniform instills a real sense of community among our students.

Compulsory Elements of Our Uniform

  • Black College blazer with Honiton Community College Academy Trust logo
  • College Tie
  • A College black ‘V’ neck jumper with College logo is optional in the colder months. (The blazer must still be worn)
  • Plain black full-length tailored trousers or college skirt.
  • If belts are worn, they should be narrow and plain black with a normal buckle.
  • Plain long-sleeved white shirt with a collar (In the summer term a short-sleeved shirt is acceptable).
  • • Sensible, plain black all over, leather or leather-look school shoes only. The shoe should cover the whole foot. No patterns or logos should be visible and they must be low heeled. Canvas shoes are not acceptable.
  • Plain black, grey, or white socks (but not allowed over tights).
  • Large bag suitable for carrying all equipment (including A4 sized files) and books. A rucksack is advisable, handbags are not permitted.

The following are not acceptable uniform:

  • Trousers must not be excessively skinny or baggy and must be worn on the waist (not low slung) and full length. Leggings, denim, jean-style, canvas, flare style or corduroy trousers are not acceptable.
  • All skirts other than the official college design are not acceptable. The skirt should be knee length.
  • Sandals, flip-flops, dolly shoes, high-heeled shoes, knee and ankle boots are not acceptable. .
  • Logos on belts, buckles, trousers or skirts
  • Fitted shirt
  • Coloured nail varnish and gel/acrylic/false nails
  • “Hoodies”. Any coat worn to and in college must protect against cold and rain

Non-Uniform Days

  • No abusive or offensive slogans / words on clothing
  • No cleavages/midriffs visible i.e. no cropped or low cut tops
  • Skirts to be below mid-thigh length
  • No halter-neck / strappy tops
  • Shorts to be below mid-thigh length and must be smart; not ‘beach wear.’
  • Discreet / hidden piercings only
  • No underwear to be visible.

Where can I buy the College uniform?

Branded items specific to Honiton Community College are only available from Honiton Sports, 66 High Street, Honiton, 01404 42100 or Thomas Moore, 102-104 Fore Street, Exeter, 01392 255711

Other plain items such as trousers, shirts, and PE shorts etc. that comply with our uniform policy can be purchased locally from Honiton Sports, or from other suppliers such as ASDA, Tesco, Marks & Spencer 

Second hand uniform is available via the College upon request. Please email for more information.


Hair styles & jewellery

Hair styles should avoid extremes of fashion. Extreme hairstyles, for example (though this list is not exhaustive), “Tram lines” of any kind, colours other than natural hair colours, “Mohican” cuts, distinct differences in length or colour, hair covering the eyes and face, are not acceptable. If you are unsure whether a hairstyle is acceptable please contact your Head of Pastoral or PSO for clarification.

Earrings should be discreet, stud only, two in total.
Necklaces, rings, bracelets, wristbands, facial and body piercings (including tongue piercings) are not permitted
Any drawings/henna tattoos/body art are not permitted.
A wristwatch may be worn (no smart watches are allowed in exams). Any smart watches should be disabled from sending/receiving messages in school.
Make up must be so discreet as to be unnoticeable

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PE kit

Essential PE kit for all students:

  • Navy and sky blue short-sleeved polo shirt with Honiton community College Academy Trust logo
  • Plain navy/black shorts (any branding or logos should be small)
  • Trainers – not ‘skateboard’ type or plimsolls (non-marking soles)
  • A change of socks for PE - either white or long navy and sky blue football socks

Essential PE kit for Year 7 students only:

Towel and swimming costume. These can be any colour, girls must have a one-piece swimming costume, boys shorts must be above the knee.

Addition/Optional Items (depending on PE curriculum, sport/subject choices):

For Football and Rugby units:​
  • Navy and sky blue rugby/football long-sleeved shirt
  • Long navy and sky blue football socks
  • Shin pads
  • Gum shield
  • Football boots

(Advised to wait and see PE curriculum in September before purchasing)

For other activities:
  • Plain black or navy leggings (any branding or logos should be small).
  • Plain black or navy tracksuit bottoms (any branding or logos should be small)
  • Order From Proserve

    The following items are optional PE kit and can be ordered through PROSERVE, / 01395 222975 (or download order form from the PE section on the College website / pop to the PE office for a paper copy) – Navy tracksuit bottoms, navy PE hoodie, navy leggings & navy skorts


    Honiton Community College transport information

    Devon County Council provides free transport for students who live more than three miles from College.

    If the Council is not obliged to provide transport, it is the parents’ responsibility to make arrangements for, and meet the costs of, travel between home and College.

    Where spare seats on the County Council’s College transport vehicles or contractors’ vehicles are available, these may be occupied by students not entitled to free College transport on the purchase of a concessionary ticket. Adequate warning will be given to parents should the concession need to be withdrawn.

    Our transport buses are Stamps Coaches, Dartline Coaches, Parnells Coaches, Stagecoach and Trip.


    Check out our new starters guide! It will only take a minute

    Our new starters guide includes more information about transport and bus stop numbers in addition to useful checklists and maps to save you time.


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