GCSE Results 2023

Success for all

GCSE Results 2023

Today’s GCSE results are likely to be Honiton Community College’s best ever, in terms of student progress. Whilst the national picture is one of grade deflation, our amazing Year 11 cohort have bucked the trend, achieving higher grades than not only last year, but also pre-pandemic cohorts. The number of students passing English and Maths has risen significantly, with notable improvements across the board in every metric.

“Our recent school improvement journey has been grasped fully by our talented Year 11 students. They have achieved higher grades than previous cohorts of students, which is remarkable given the challenges that lockdowns and national strikes have presented them with. I could not be prouder of our students.” – Alex Kirkbride (Principal)

“It has been a real pleasure to have overseen the journey of our Year 11 students through to Post-16. I have been very impressed at how they have stepped up and worked so hard to achieve such incredible results. I am delighted that the majority of our students are able to access their first-choice courses in a climate where so many have seen their grades pushed down.” – Marie-Claire Jefferies (Vice-Principal)
It was fantastic to see our happy students and staff at the GCSE results morning. Some of our year 11s shared their thoughts on their achievements:

‘I’m really surprised and pleased about how well I’ve done, especially in the one subject I doubted myself on. The school put in lots of intervention sessions; I went to them all and it has really helped my grades. I’m really excited to be able to stay on for Post-16’ – Nathan G

‘I’m so happy with my results and the hard work that has been put in. It hasn’t been easy but the support from the teachers has made everything so much easier.’ – Lizzie L

‘I’m so happy! I’ve loved the school and staff and I’m staying on for Post-16. A lot of students didn’t like the extra tutoring that was put on this year but it paid off! There has been real change here this year and I am so pleased with my results this morning.’ – Harry K

‘I’m very happy with my results. The support this year has been excellent and I was really pushed to be better. So pleased!’ – Rebecca P

We are incredibly proud of the students and what they have achieved. As the school continues to go from strength to strength, we hope that all of our students will keep us updated with their future achievements.

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