Positive Learning Behaviours

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Positive Learning Behaviours

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We are pleased to have seen such significant improvements in student behaviour this half term. This has resulted in a good deal of positive feedback from parents and students. There have been comments from staff that they are able to do more fun activities and take more risks with their teaching, to deepen student learning. Students have talked about how much more learning they are capable of, owing to the calm and supportive nature of lessons.

This has opened up some interesting discussions between staff, students and parents/carers about ‘positive behaviour for learning’. Not everyone is aware of the term ‘low level disruption, nor the impact it can have on learning in the classroom. Several people have asked that I share more information around how much more our students are learning, as a result of low level disruption being reduced in our classrooms. Below are some findings taken from surveys commissioned by OFSTED. 

-Low level disruption has a detrimental impact on the life chances of too many pupils.

– What does low level disruption look like? 

  • talking unnecessarily or chatting 
  •  calling out without permission
  •  being slow to start work or follow instructions 
  • showing a lack of respect for each other and staff 
  •  not bringing the right equipment 
  •  using mobile devices inappropriately. 

– YouGov surveys show that pupils are potentially losing up to an hour of learning each day in English schools because of this kind of disruption in classrooms. 

-The equivalent to 38 days of teaching is lost per year. A large number of pupils, therefore, are being denied a significant amount of valuable learning time.

– For those who experience the most disruption in school, significant damage can be done to their life chances.

Over the past half term students have overwhelmingly reported that their classrooms are calmer, they are getting more work done and they are enjoying the lessons more now that low level disruption is minimalised.

I would like to thank our parents and carers for their support with this during this first half term and working together with us to ensure all the students at HCC have every opportunity of success.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if there is anything I can help with.

Natalie Hunt

Pastoral Support Lead

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