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Mr D Dagger

Head of Geography

Geography at Honiton Community College

Inspiring an interest in the awe and wonder of the planet we all share. We have three dedicated specialist geography teachers delivering lessons in the Humanities Block, each classroom is designed to support the geography curriculum. Students are encouraged to independently explore the world around them and further afield guided and supported by a challenging and engaging curriculum.

Key Stages and Curriculum Maps

We are committed to equality and diversity and continue to work towards a fully inclusive curriculum.

In years seven, eight and nine we build students geographical knowledge, encourage them to explain why the world is the way it is and in year nine begin to assess and evaluate many of the current and future geographical challenges, that our country and planet face. We seek to inspire a passion for the subject and an interest in what is an amazing world.
Geography is optional at GCSE, but uptake is extremely high and feedback from GCSE students is very positive. We study the Edexcel A specification because we feel it gives excellent coverage and allows us to employ a wide range of teaching and learning styles, allowing students of all abilities to access the curriculum.

Students develop their ability to evaluate, assess and examine some of the causes and responses to challenges the planet and people face, as well as drawing their own conclusions and forming their own opinions.
Student’s study Edexcel A Level Geography and this is a popular choice with post sixteen students. Two teachers deliver A Level Geography and for the first time ‘human’ and ‘physical’ geography are separated and taught by teachers that specialise in one of the two disciplines.

Some of the content builds on what students have learnt at GCSE; the study of coasts is an example and some is completely new, like the study of ‘Superpower Geography’. Students are exposed to a variety of conflicting views and opinions and are expected to form their own conclusions and conduct a significant amount of independent study.

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