Ten Tors 2022

Success for all

Ten Tors 2022

Congratulations to our Ten Tors teams who did amazingly well, completing the 35 miles (closer to 38 in reality) by 14:08hrs and 14:59hrs, respectively, this afternoon.

There were a lot of proud faces at the finish (some a little sun burnt too)

The teams were:

Team A: Hannah (C) , Sam (VC), Lauren, Jacob, Millicent & Charlie

Team B: Oliver (C), Billy (VC), Hope, Will, Jack & Sam

We are very proud of what they have achieved with all the training that goes on months ahead of the event.

Massive thank you to all the volunteers, especially Helen, Jon and Warren , who are not staff but still give their time freely for the betterment of our young adults.  Also a shout out to the staff at Hcc for supporting, guiding, training, counselling and encouraging the students throughout all the training days/weekends, preparation, planning and administration.

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